Acura Mood Roads

To mark its 7th year as official vehicle of the Sundance Film Festival, Acura unveiled Mood Roads, a first-of-its-

kind virtual drive experience symbolizing Acura’s Precision Crafted Performance DNA. Combining a series of innovative technologies in a first-of-its kind application, Mood Roads delivered a full-sensory experience controlled by a user’s biometric data. Housed in a spherical motion simulator equipped with a performance driver’s seat and 30 biometric sensors, Mood Roads brought to life a futuristic, abstract environment that responded in real-time to the driver’s emotional, cognitive and physical inputs – affecting speed, acceleration, curves, colors, saturation and audio. A floor-to-ceiling dome projection fully immersed the user, transporting them into the dynamic, visually stunning environment.

The 90-second, single person experience resulted in a sharable picture featuring an image of the user captured during the experience, as well as a graphic representation of their mood.