Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and Spinifex has contributed to providing audiences with compelling immersive experiences through innovative storytelling and interactive installations.

Spinifex Group has been a proud member of the Vivid Sydney family since 2011, creating consistently beautiful, original and award-winning work in line with the spirit of Vivid. Spinifex has painted the facades of the Opera House, Customs House, the MCA and Cadmans Cottage and created branded installations across multiple sites along the Vivid route.

From large-scale light projection and interactive installations, to creative collaborations with internationally renowned visual and musical artists, we have challenged ourselves to push the boundaries year upon year to ensure audiences are never disappointed.

An increasing number of visitors and the extension of festival locations across Sydney over recent years provides us with more opportunities to challenge and explore creative use of technology and stunning visual content, putting Sydney’s creative forces on an international stage and generating commercial interest in the NSW visitor economy.